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Representative Office in Seychelles

Representative Office in Seychelles

Foreign companies can open a representative office in Seychelles for conducting various non-commercial activities. These can be: market research, creating brand awareness, providing customer support, establishing networking opportunities etc. Establishing a liaison office can be a preliminary step for companies to explore and understand the new market before committing to full company formation in Seychelles. We can offer more details in case you want to open a liaison office in Seychelles and provide support through the entire procedure.

Uses for a representative office in Seychelles

Representative offices in Seychelles must not engage in direct commercial activities, such as sales or revenue generation. Instead, they focus on activities such as:

  • conducting market research to understand consumer preferences, market trends, and competition in Seychelles;
  • building relationships with potential clients, partners, suppliers, and government agencies to explore business opportunities;
  • providing localized customer support;
  • promoting products and advertising without engaging in profit-generating activities;
  • identifying potential risks and challenges associated with entering a new market, which can be useful before opening a company in Seychelles.

Setting up a liaison in Seychelles alsooffers the brand more visibility and recognition.

The registered offices must ensure compliance with local regulations and legal requirements. If you wish to expand your business activities and conduct commercial activities, we recommend opening a Seychelles IBC.

Documents needed to open a representative office in Seychelles

In order to open a representative office in Seychelles, you generally need to provide the following documents:

  • articles of incorporation, memorandum of association, certificate of incorporation, and other relevant legal documents that establish the foreign company’s legal structure and ownership;
  • power of attorney;
  • proof of office address;
  • registration form.

Additional documents may be necessary for opening the liaison office. Our specialists in company incorporation in Seychelles can give you more details.

Advantages of opening a representative office in Seychelles

Opening a representative office in Seychelles offers plenty of advantages for foreign companies. It is a low-risk way to enter a new market and explore business opportunities without committing to fully set up a company in Seychelles.

A liaison office allows foreign companies to conduct market research, understand local consumer trends, and identify competition and other potential risks before expanding the business operations.

A physical presence through a representative office allows the foreign company to gain more visibility and credibility. It can also facilitate networking and build relations with potential clients, partners, suppliers, and government agencies in Seychelles.

Overall, opening a liaison office in Seychelles offers valuable insights into the Seychellois market and can help companies adapt their strategies, products, or services to meet local needs effectively.

Why invest in Seychelles

Expanding your business in Seychelles is a strategic move that can open up new opportunities, especially particularly within the Seychelles offshore sector. According to these statistics about Seychelles’ economy and investments, the country can be a favorable destination for businesses seeking to establish a presence in the region:

  • The foreign investments represented 13.3% from Seychelles’ overall GDP in 2022;
  • In 2022, Seychelles received a net inflow of foreign investments amounting to approximately 212 million US dollars;
  • Seychelles experienced a net inflow of portfolio investment amounting to approximately 3.6 million US dollars in 2022.

Other than the support we provide with the liaison office registration, we can also assist in matters regarding immigration to Seychelles. If you are interested in opening a representative office in Seychelles, please contact our team for more details and assistance.