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Seychelles – Belgium Double Tax Treaty

Belgium is among the 28 countries which signed a double taxation agreement with Seychelles, this way avoiding the taxation on incomes twice. As a respected offshore jurisdiction, Seychelles is a tax haven and a preferred destination for foreigners willing to protect their assets and benefit from a favorable business climate. In-depth information about the double tax treaty signed by Seychelles and Belgium can be provided on request by our team of company incorporation agents in Seychelles

The provisions of DTT signed by Seychelles and Belgium

If you are looking to expand your operations in Seychelles as an entrepreneur from Belgium, it is suggested to have a clear picture about the taxes you need to pay in the insular state and the ways in which you can avoid the double payment. The following provisions are part of the agreement between Seychelles and Belgium, also known as the double tax treaty:

  • •    the repatriated revenues of a company in Seychelles or in Belgium are not subject to taxation;
  • •    tax exemptions apply to dividends, royalties, and interests, as stipulated by Seychelles – Belgium DTT;
  • •    the capital gains for Belgium companies in Seychelles are not taxed;
  • •    individuals with registered incomes in Seychelles or Belgium are exempt from taxation.

If you would like to know more about the double taxation treaty signed by Seychelles and Belgium, our company formation specialists in Seychelles are at your service. The same advisors can assist foreigners in opening offshore companies in Seychelles.

Who can benefit from Seychelles and Belgium DTT?

Business persons with origins from Seychelles or Belgium and who have operations in one of these contracting states are subject to the general provisions of the double taxation agreement. Several tax exemptions are applicable for businesses in Seychelles or in Belgium, and also for citizens working in one of the contracting states. It is good to know that an entrepreneur in Seychelles must prove that the taxes are paid in the home country, in our case Belgium, in order to avoid the double taxation on the business.

We invite you to contact and address your inquiries to our team of company incorporation representatives in Seychelles who can provide the necessary support for company formation and tax matters.