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Seychelles – Bahrain Double Tax Treaty

Seychelles – Bahrain Double Tax Treaty

An important offshore jurisdiction like Seychelles had to align with the tax requirements applicable worldwide and signed double tax treaties with 28 countries for the moment. Bahrain is among the countries that signed a double taxation agreement with Seychelles, in order to avoid the taxation on incomes twice. Knowing how a company in Seychelles is taxed will help foreign investors understand the future investment possibilities among many others. Our company formation agents in Seychelles can help you set up a company in Seychelles if you are an entrepreneur from Bahrain and can also provide you with information about the double tax treaty signed by these states.

What the provisions of double tax treaties signed by Seychelles and Bahrain?

The 2011 double taxation agreement between Seychelles and Bahrain was accepted and agreed to avoid the double taxation through several important provisions among which the following should be in the attention of any investor looking for establishing the activities in Seychelles:

  • • the royalties, the interests, and the dividends are exempt from taxation;
  • • there are no taxes imposed on capital gains for companies established in Seychelles;
  • • the repatriated income of a company, whether sent in Seychelles and Bahrain is exempt from taxation;
  • • the personal incomes derived in Seychelles or Bahrain are not subject to taxation.

We are at your disposal with extra details about the provisions and policies of the double tax treaty signed by Seychelles and Bahrain, two important financial centers. We can also help you set up an offshore in Seychelles.

Who benefits from the DTT signed by Seychelles and Bahrain?

Entrepreneurs from Seychelles and Bahrain with companies or businesses in one of the contracting states can take advantage of the provisions of the double tax convention. We remind that this important document has solid purposes among which, avoiding the fiscal evasion. We remind that incomes in Seychelles generated by companies from Bahrain are exempt from taxation.

The meaning of permanent establishment in Seychelles

A fixed place for business or a permanent establishment means a place of management, an office, a branch, a workshop, a refinery, or a factory with activities in Seychelles. All permanent establishments in the insular state owned by investors from Bahrain are subject to the provisions of the double taxation agreements signed by these jurisdictions.

For a extra information about the double tax treaty signed by Seychelles and Bahrain please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation consultants in Seychelles.