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Open an Anonymous Company in Seychelles

Open an Anonymous Company in Seychelles

An IBC company in Seychelles is the most profitable and adaptable type of offshore company available in the insular state and which guarantees 100% privacy. There are numerous businessmen worldwide who are interested in setting up an IBC offshore in Seychelles and benefit from the advantages of such entity, one of them being related to the anonymity offered. Our company formation agents in Seychelles can help investors and entrepreneurs open anonymous companies in Seychelles and any other type of company available in this jurisdiction.

Documents for opening an anonymous company in Seychelles

As a flourishing offshore financial hub, Seychelles offers the important possibility of protecting the assets, complete confidentially, by opening an anonymous company. A company in Seychelles can be registered with no minimum share capital, it requires a stockholder and a bank account. All the information about the owners of an anonymous company in Seychelles is subject to complete privacy, as it is not mentioned in the Public Registry of the insular state. The following documents are necessary when opening an IBC anonymous offshore company in Seychelles:

  • • certificate of incorporation;
  • • memorandum of association;
  • • articles of association;
  • • share certificates;
  • • resolution of subscriber and manager in writing.

An anonymous company in Seychelles is not subject to file accounts or financial reports. For a better understanding of the requirements when opening an offshore in Seychelles, we remind that our specialists in company incorporation in Seychelles are at your disposal. Please watch our video on how to open an anonymous company in Seychelles:

Company formation steps for a Seychelles anonymous company

The following steps must be completed in order to open an anonymous company in Seychelles:

  • • have the documents needed for incorporation drafted and notarized;
  • • finding a local address which will serve as a registered address for the Seychelles company;
  • • filing the documents and the shareholders’ personal information with the Trade Register;
  • • opening the anonymous company’s account with a local bank;
  • • applying for the necessary business licenses, depending on the industry the company will operate in.

We can help with the opening of a bank account for your anonymous company in Seychelles. Annoymus companies can register for VAT in Seychelles.

Directors of anonymous companies in Seychelles

From a management point of view, a Seychelles anonymous company must:

  • • appoint at least one director who can be an individual or a company;
  • • there are no requirements related to the citizenship of the company director;
  • • nominee directors are also allowed when opening an anonymous company here;
  • • one of the shareholders can act as a company director in a Seychelles company.

What are the advantages of an anonymous company in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a respected offshore jurisdiction, where numerous businessmen decide to open IBC companies in order to protect their assets. Among the advantages of an anonymous company in Seychelles, we remind that such entity is not subject to VAT, corporate, withholding, capital gains, or personal income taxes. The revenues derived outside of Seychelles are not taxes. 

An anonymous company in Seychelles can be established by at least one shareholder which can also be the director of the firm. 100% foreign ownership in the company is among the important advantages of investors in Seychelles. There are low costs for opening an anonymous company in Seychelles and minimal reporting requirements meaning that there is no need for an audit or for tax returns. Also, the stocks of an anonymous company can be transacted in Seychelles or outside this jurisdiction with no restrictions in this sense. You can address to our team of advisors and ask for support if you would like to set up a company in Seychelles.

Are there any exchange controls?

No, there are no exchange controls for anonymous companies in Seychelles, no fiscal incentives and low government fees at the time of registration. Investors should bear in mind that an anonymous company in Seychelles can have nominee shareholders and directors, a matter where our team of company formation representatives in Seychelles can help.

Why open an anonymous company in Seychelles?

Investors who want to set up anonymous companies in Seychelles will benefit from the complete privacy of their assets, businesses, and names. Such companies can be used in the trading sector, estate planning, financial management, for tax avoidance or for the leasing of other assets.

Short facts about anonymous companies in Seychelles

Seychelles is a reputable offshore jurisdiction which can be chosen by foreign investors who want to establish an anonymous company in Seychelles. Because there are favorable tax laws and a series of double taxation treaties that protect the companies from paying the taxes twice, Seychelles is the proper business destination for many foreigners. The privacy of investors is protected by the substantial banking confidentiality in Seychelles. Also, it is good to know that the names of the directors of the anonymous company in Seychelles are not displayed to public disclosure.

If you plan to set up an anonymous company in Seychelles, one of the numerous offshore jurisdictions worldwide, we suggest you get in touch with one of our company formation consultants in Seychelles

Please contact us if you want to find out any other regulations that can be of interest in the case you want to set up an anonymous companyOur consultants can represent you in the registration process of any type of Seychelles offshore company

Our consultants will also help you set up a corporate bank account, for which you will need a minimum deposit of $10,000. 

You must know that the registration process in Seychelles is rather fast compared to other countries. For instance, the basic incorporation steps for a Seychelles IBC can be completed in only 1 day. 

However, other registration formalities will be required after finishing the standard registration steps and this can increase the overall duration of the incorporation.