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Open a Holding in Seychelles

Open a Holding in Seychelles

Foreign investors coming to Seychelles can set up various types of companies, even if the offshore is the most employed business in this country. In the past few years, its economy has developed quite a lot that it is now possible to create domestic enterprises and benefit from advantageous conditions.

Those interested in setting up operations at a larger scale can open holding companies in Seychelles by respecting the Company Law.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities used Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) 

Incorporation method 

– the company's constitutive documents mentioning the purpose of the company;

– no minimum paid-up capital;

– a government license fee;

– a registered agent and address are mandatory

Incorporation time 

1-2 business days

– no income and business tax for holding activities outside of Seychelles;

– full foreign ownership;

-the registers are not public;

– holding companies can be re-domiciled to Seychelles


FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) signed between Seychelles and the US and other international exchange of information agreements are in force.

Shareholding structure

The holding company can own a controlling interest in several business units incorporated in other jurisdicions (subsidiaries)

Minimum Capital

Taxation No tax for non-Seychelles income
Control  Foreign 
Accounting and Reporting  

– minimum accounting records to be kept;

– no reporting or annual filing when business is conducted outside of Seychelles

Number of double taxation treaties  28

Below, our company formation agents in Seychelles explain how to create a holding and the benefits of running such a business in the insular state.

Legal forms under which a Seychelles holding company can operate

Investors who are acquainted with the laws of this country know that onshore and offshore companies here are governed by different laws. This is why, a holding company can take various forms, including that of an offshore company when seeking to own assets in other enterprises conducting operations outside Seychelles.

Here are the main legal entities under which a holding can be registered in Seychelles:

  • – the International Business Corporation (IBC company);
  • – the anonymous company;
  • – the special license company (CSL);
  • – the proprietary company (limited liability company).

In most cases, the limited liability company is preferred to create a holding company in Seychelles as it enables full foreign ownership including for foreign enterprises seeking to own other subsidiaries.

If you want to open a company in Seychelles, our local specialists are at your service with tailored advice, including for the creation of a holding.

The main characteristics of a holding company

Generally speaking, a holding company no matter its country of registration will complete activities that are strictly related to ownership of various assets in other entities, called subsidiaries. Seychelles does not have a special regime for holdings, which is why setting up such an entity will follow the same regulation as for any other companies.

The main features that should be considered when deciding to open a holding in Seychelles are:

  1. it can own and dispose of assets held in its subsidiary/subsidiaries;
  2. it can have one or more subsidiaries in Seychelles and outside it;
  3. it controls its subsidiaries, however, it cannot make management decisions;
  4. it can use the resources of its subsidiaries for various purposes.

The holding company can be the main shareholder in its subsidiaries, however, it can also be a participant alongside other holding enterprises. It is also possible for the holding itself to be a subsidiary of another business.

Seychelles holding can own assets like real estate, intellectual property, and movable property. So, setting up such an enterprise comes with several advantages.

If you decide to open an offshore company in Seychelles and need assistance, you can rely on our local representatives.

Seychelles offshore company benefits from numerous tax exemptions. Tax deductions are also available as per the double tax treaties signed by the authorities of the country. 

Tax agreements have been signed with countries such as Luxembourg, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Monaco, Indonesia, etc. Please mind that if you will hire employees, you will need to pay employment taxes.

Steps to open a holding company in Seychelles

Investors who want to open holding companies in this country need to respect the same regulations applicable to domestic enterprises. They also need to complete the same steps which imply:

  1. drafting the incorporation papers (Memorandum and Articles of Association);
  2. reserving a company name;
  3. securing a registered address for the company;
  4. filing the papers with the Seychelles Public Register;
  5. registering for taxation with the Seychelles Tax Authority.

When it comes to the documents to be filed with the Trade Register, the following need to be carefully prepared:

  • – the personal identification papers of the shareholder;
  • – the personal identification papers of the directors;
  • – a business plan.

In terms of registered address, a virtual office can be a good starting point until the company finds a suitable location for its headquarters.

The opening of holding company in Seychelles also implies setting up a bank account with a local financial institution.

The procedure of creating such an enterprise can be entirely overseen by our company registration consultants in Seychelles.

Seychelles’ economic development

Seychelles is one of the most performant economies in the African region, as statistics indicate its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached a 4.7% growth in 2019. Even if 2020, the decrease was abrupt due the Covid-19 crisis, forecasts indicate that:

  • – the real GDP at the end of 2021 is expected to increase by 4.6%;
  • – the growth is expected to continue in 2022, when the GDP is predicted to increase by 5.8% thanks to economic activity and tourism picking up;

If you want to create a holding company in Seychelles and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our local agents. We can also help you open an offshore entity.