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Immigrate to Seychelles from UK

Immigrate to Seychelles from UK

Foreign citizens and investors can relocate to Seychelles based on various types of visas. They must comply with certain requirements depending on the reason of immigration, however, the procedure is not complicated and can be handled by our lawyers.

This is also the case of those who want to immigrate to Seychelles from UK and who must comply with the legislation of this country.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Seychelles explain the procedure of moving here from the UK. We can also help you set up an offshore company in Seychelles.

Typically, foreign investors are attracted to the idea of starting a Seychelles offshore company due the simple incorporation procedures and requirements to set up a business. 

Besides these, investors can obtain many tax deductions or exemptions, which can depend on the activity they carry out and the place of business (the physical place of business has to be in Seychelles).  

If the company carries out business activities which are not related to Seychelles, but they are in connection with other countries, then important tax exemptions can apply, as it is the case of the Seychelles IBC, which is exempted on the payment of any tax on income. 

This is guaranteed as stipulated in the Business Tax (Amendment) Act 2018, which has become applicable staring with 2019. 

The visa on arrival for British citizens moving to Seychelles

Citizens of UK planning to immigrate to Seychelles have the possibility of applying for a visa on arrival if they plan to stay here for a short period of time which cannot surpass 90 days. The following documents need to be prepared when applying for this type of visa:

  • – the valid passport (a minimum validity period of 6 months is required),
  • – proof of sufficient funds under the form of a bank statement is also required,
  • – the itinerary or flight ticket with the return date is also required,
  • – documents indicating the purpose of the trip.

This visa can be employed for tourism but also for business purposes by UK citizens interested in company formation in Seychelles.

If you have any questions related to this type of visa, you can direct them to our lawyers in Seychelles.

Types of residence permits when immigrating to Seychelles from UK

British citizens can apply for temporary or long-term residence permits when relocating to Seychelles, however, in this case, there are more conditions to respect and the visa application procedure should begin a few months before immigration.

Among the conditions related to immigration to Seychelles from UK based o a residence permit are:

  1. the applicant must obtain clearance for immigration to Seychelles,
  2. the UK citizen interested in immigrating here must have a connection to the country (a business, a family member established here or a labor contract),
  3. the British citizen must also commit to contributing to the local economy,
  4.  the applicant can also move here based on investment by buying real estate here.

The easiest ways to move to Seychelles from UK are employment and business, however, family sponsorship is also an option for those who have close family members established here.

Depending on your needs, our immigration lawyers in Seychelles are at your service for detailed information and guidance on how to prepare for relocation.

Obtaining permanent residence in Seychelles as a British citizen

The Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP) is the safest way to permanent residence in Seychelles as a UK citizen. This can be obtained by finding employment with a local company or as a self-employed person.

In the case of a work permit, the Seychelles company must file the application with the Department of Foreign Affairs. In the case of those moving here as self-employed persons, the application must be submitted with the Seychelles Immigration and Civil Status in order to obtain temporary residence.

It should also be noted that during the validity of the residence permit, the UK citizen must comply with specific requirements while in Seychelles.

These conditions can be explained by our lawyers. Also, if you are interested in moving here as a self-employed person, we can help with company registration services in Seychelles.

How to immigrate to Seychelles from UK permanently

Permanent residence followed by citizenship is possible for UK citizens immigrating to Seychelles. These can be obtained under the following conditions:

  • – permanent residence is available after living here for 5 years,
  • – citizenship can be acquired after 10 years of living in Seychelles,
  • – in order to obtain citizenship a test made of 20 questions must be passed,
  • – the minimum score to obtain is 80% of the test.

The test can be taken in English, French or Creole.

It is also possible to obtain Seychellois citizenship by marriage.

We can also assist US citizens who want to immigrate to Seychelles.

Assistance in immigrating to Seychelles from UK

If you want to immigrate to Seychelles from UK, you can rely on our lawyers who are at your service with information and guidance in preparing and filing the necessary documents with the local authorities, in accordance with the reason of relocation.

We advise to start the immigration procedure a few months before moving here and this also implies finding a property to rent or buy.

If you want to relocate to Seychelles from UK, do not hesitate to contact our specialists. We can also help you in setting up an offshore company in Seychelles.