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Seychelles Securities Dealer

Seychelles Securities Dealer

Investors who set up special license companies in Seychelles should know that these types of businesses will usually complete their activities under the provisions of the Securities Law of 2007. According to the law, such companies must appoint a securities dealer who is subject to various requirements. Among these, the securities dealer license is mandatory when providing such services.

Below, our company formation agents in Seychelles explain the requirements and procedure of obtaining a securities dealer license. We can also assist in setting up an offshore company in Seychelles.

What is a Seychelles securities dealer license?

The securities dealer license is a permit which enables a company to trade securities on the Seychelles market in the account of the company the applicant has obtained for or as an agent on behalf of third parties (usually clients).

The license can also be obtained by foreign companies seeking to act as account managers in securities trading in Seychelles. The license is issued by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Among the activities which can be complete by a Seychelles securities dealer are:

  • – offering advice to persons interested in investing in securities;
  • – prepare, analyze and issue reports on various securities;
  • – manage securities portfolios on behalf of the company or other clients

Our company formation agents in Seychelles can explain how the securities dealer license can be obtained and the activities it be useful for.

Requirements for obtaining a securities dealer license in Seychelles

Those who want to apply for a securities dealer license in Seychelles must comply with certain requirements among which that to have a company incorporated under the Companies Law in Seychelles. It is also possible for foreign companies registered under the laws of a recognized country to obtain a Seychelles securities dealer license.

The other requirements to obtain this type of license are:

  • – the company must have at least 2 director who are natural persons (the persons do not need to be Seychelles citizens);
  • – the company must also employ at least one natural person who has a securities dealer representative license issued by the FSA;
  • – the minimum paid-up share capital of the company applying for the license is 50,000 USD;
  • – the company is also subject to specific insurance requirements which imply an appropriate coverage related to the size of the business;
  • – the licensed dealer representative must meet the FSA’s fit and proper requisites.

Our Seychelles company formation advisors can offer more information on the requirements related to obtaining a securities dealer license. We can also assist with the registration of a company which meets the requirements of the FSA for obtaining such a license.

What are the documents related to obtaining a Seychelles securities dealer license?

The following documents need to be filed with the FSA in order to obtain the securities dealer license as a Seychelles company:

  1. the company’s business plan and organizational structure chart alongside the prescribed application form;
  2. information about the personnel hired to provide the licenses (but also on other employees in the company);
  3. proof that the company has an office space which allows it to complete securities-related services;
  4. a description of the internal control rules and corporate governance regulations of the company;
  5. the questionnaire issued by the FSA which must be filled out by the shareholders, directors, managers and officers in the company (by the beneficial owner too, where required);
  6. proof of payment of the application fees, plus other documents required by the FSA.

The Seychelles securities dealer license is very useful for local and foreign companies seeking to offer their services on the Stock Market in this country as it offers increased credibility and can attract more clients.

If you want to set up a company for the purpose of obtaining a securities dealer license or for the simple purpose of having an offshore company in Seychelles, our local specialists can help you with the registration procedure.

How long does it take to obtain a securities dealer license in Seychelles?

The securities dealer license is not difficult to obtain as long as all the Seychelles company formation requirements are respected. Among these, we mention that:

  • – the registration of a business in Seychelles takes no more than 2 working days;
  • – the preparation for obtaining the license will take approximately 2 weeks;
  • – the issuance of the securities dealer license by the FSA takes between 3 and 4 months;
  • – companies operating under this license benefit from a corporate tax rate of 1.5%

For assistance in obtaining a Seychelles securities dealer license, please contact us.