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Obtain Financial Services Licenses in Seychelles

Obtain Financial Services Licenses in Seychelles

The Financial Services Authority in Seychelles oversees the activities of financial institutions in the insular state under a set of laws and with several responsibilities among which licensing of non-bank institutions. Because this jurisdiction offers a multitude of opportunities for businesses and has a favorable tax regime, investors can easily set up offshores in Seychelles, a matter where our company formation agents in Seychelles can provide assistance.

Licensing the financial business in Seychelles

Seychelles is the proper destination for establishing offshore companies, and several other entities to perform financial activities. One can establish non-bank institutions like:

• insurance firms;

• currency exchanges;

• brokerages;

• investment companies;

• saving and loans;

• credit unions.

Such financial entities can be established by foreigners in Seychelles under complete control of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority which issues the licenses for such companies. In this sense, the owner of a non-bank financial business must provide information about the purpose of the company, the business address in Seychelles and information about the type of activities of such firm as soon as the firm was registered. The documents preparation in this case can be supervised by our specialists in company incorporation in Seychelles.

The activities of a non-bank financial institution in Seychelles

Financial institutions not related to the banks in Seychelles can facilitate the business climate by providing financial support for entrepreneurs. Moreover, they can borrow money from banks at proper interest rates and then can sustain small businesses in Seychelles whether local or from abroad. Even though such institutions do not have the same financial support as banks, they represent a successful business form adopted by many foreigners who want to set up companies in Seychelles. Additionally, non-bank institutions can operate as multi-branches in the insular state and can serve in varied types of investments.

If you want to know more about the licensing for financial services in Seychelles, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company formation representatives in Seychelles.