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Invest in Seychelles

Invest in Seychelles

Seychelles represents one of the most attractive markets at a global level for investments in offshore companies. Investors should take into consideration Seychelles offshore company formation due to a set of reasons, which are related to the country’s growing economy in sectors such as ICT, real estate, agriculture or tourism. You can find out more information on the main reasons for starting a business here from our team of consultants in company incorporation in Seychelles

What are the main reasons to invest in Seychelles?

As a foreign investor, one can easily set up an International Business Company (IBC) in Seychelles, a type of company that offers one of the most favorable tax regimes for corporate entities. The country provides a wide range of fiscal advantages for those investing in fields such as agriculture, tourism, energy and fisheries. 

It is also worth knowing that, besides these economic sectors, Seychelles stands out as one of the most reputable financial centers at a global level. An important aspect for all businessmen, regardless of the field in which they carry their operations, refers to the country’s connectivity and infrastructure. Here, Seychelles has a well-developed connectivity level (by air and water transportation), providing a good access to Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. 

Investors should also know that the country has a very stable political background, an aspect that is of high importance when investing in a foreign country. Seychelles offshore company formation provides a set of financial advantages as well and you can find out more details on this matter below. 

One of the most developed economic activities in Seychelles refers to what has been dubbed as the blue economy. According to the Seychelles Investment Board, business opportunities in this sector, which mainly refer to tourism and aquaculture, are related to research institutes, fish processing, cold chain logistics, laboratories and others.  

What are the financial advantages when investing in Seychelles? 

One of the most crucial aspects that determine the interest in opening a company that operates as an offshore in Seychelles or in another offshore jurisdiction is given by the financial implications. This refers to the initial costs of investing in a local business, the registration costs, the operational costs, but also to the tax advantages foreign investors can obtain and the financial situation of the country. When referring to these aspects, foreign businessmen should know that the following are available: 

  • • persons who want to open IBCs in Seychelles will need to pay an incorporation fee of $100;
  • • the registration of a foundation or of a limited partnership has a registration fee of $200;
  • • the country’s foreign direct investment level in 2018 was of $158,5 million;
  • • the gross domestic product per capital is of $15,889;
  • • the gross domestic product growth stood at 3.8% (measured from the 3rd quarter of 2018 to the 3rd quarter of 2019). 

What are the tax benefits of IBCs in Seychelles? 

The IBCs in Seychelles represent the most common way to invest in an offshore business as a foreign investor, and this is why we will present here the advantages of this company type. Those who want to invest in Seychelles should know that this company type provides numerous tax advantages, which are prescribed by the Business Tax (Amendment) Act 2018. 

Our team of consultants in Seychelles offshore company formation can present the tax advantages and obligations investors have under the regulations of this law, which provides a full tax exemption on the company’s income and profits. Still, in order to benefit from this tax exemption, as well as on other tax exemptions, such as the stamp duty, the company must comply with certain rules.  

Investors should also know that the IBCs in Seychelles benefit from one of the fastest incorporation procedures available at a global level. The company can be incorporated in 24 hours. Another advantage is that the registration fee mentioned above, of $100, which is payable for each year of economic activity, is charged at the same value regardless of the company’s capital, number of shares issued in the company and other similar matters. 

Foreign investors who are interested in receiving more information on the advantages of Seychelles offshore company formation canaddress to our team of specialists. Our consultants are ready to assist investors in incorporating IBCs in Seychelles and they can also provide more information on other compelling reasons for investing here. Please contact our team of consultants in company incorporation in Seychelles for in-depth advice. 

For example, a Seychelles offshore company registered as an IBC can benefit from numerous tax exemptions. This company type can be fully exempted on the payment of any type of tax charged for the income of the company. 

However, the company is required to not engage in the gambling industry or to invest in securities businesses on the Seychelles territory, these being 2 of the overall requirements.