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Open a Company in Seychelles Free Zones

Open a Company in Seychelles Free Zones

Seychelles International Trade Zone or simply ITZ represents the state’s free zone business destination with a favorable tax regime. Foreign investors can open companies in Seychelles ITZ andbenefit from a wide range of advantages. Even though the company incorporation in Seychelles is an easy procedure, it is though recommended to ask for assistance and information at the time of registration. Our company formation specialists in Seychelles are at your disposal with support in this sense.

Conditions for opening a company in Seychelles ITZ

Entrepreneurs from abroad can set up offshore companies in Seychelles under certain conditions or can consider the International Trade Zone as a business development possibility for their future investments. The activities of companies in Seychelles ITZ are supervised by the Seychelles International Business Authority since 1995, in complete agreement with the provisions of the International Trade Act 1995. Among the requirements a foreigner needs to consider at the time of company registration, we mention the following:

• details about the business plan;

• the cash flow and loss account estimation for the next 3 years;

• the Articles of Association and application forms offered by the ITZ authorities;

• bank references from the home country.

If you need further information about the registration process of a company in Seychelles, and particularly in the International Trade Zone, you may talk to our team of company incorporation agents in Seychelles.

Our lawyers in Seychelles can explain the requirements for operating in these free zones.

The benefits of opening a company in Seychelles ITZ

An important offshore destination like Seychelles welcomes all foreigners willing to expand the affairs or who want to keep their assets safe and in complete confidentiality. Besides the usual and also prolific business environment for both nationals and foreigners, the authorities offer diverse benefits to attract even more investors. For instance, the tax system is extremely favorable because there is no withholding tax for dividends or interests paid outside Seychelles.

Likewise, there is no corporate tax, no import duty and company owners do not need to apply for a Seychelles visa for their future employees. It is good to know that companies established in Seychelles ITZ and with activities in the trading sector need to offer 80% of their services outside borders of the archipelago. Also, Seychelles can be used as a trade center without having to manufacture the products in this country.

Please feel free to contact our representatives for extra details about company incorporation in Seychelles.