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Immigrate to Seychelles

Immigrate to Seychelles

Foreign citizens who want to move to Seychelles can do that on a temporary or permanent basis. Apart from obvious reasons like the beautiful landscapes and the fact that the country is a reputed financial center, relocating here comes with other advantages depending on the reasons one has in mind. Persons who want to immigrate to Seychelles can rely on the support of our lawyers who can provide them with the necessary services associated with relocating to a foreign country. We can offer tailored assistance in moving here based on employment or investment.

 Quick Facts  
Visa-free entry (except Kosovo) For 30 days

Types of residence permits

– gainful occupational permit (GOP),

– simple residence permit,

– dependent residence permit,

– permanent residence permit

Obtaining a gainful occupational permit (GOP)

– Find an employer in Seychelles,

– Apply for an approval certificate from the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs,

– Submit certificate to the Immigration Office.

Working in the Seychelles International Trade Zones It needs a separate permit through the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
Criteria for residence permit

– must not be a banned immigrant,

– show proof of sustainable income,

– make contribution to Seychelles’s economy

Dependent pass

For non-Seychellois spouses and minor children who plan to reside with citizens in Seychelles

Residency through marriage

Be married for at least 5 years to a Seychellois citizen

Applying for student visa

– Prove acceptance by the educational institution;

– Prove you can financially support yourself;

– Prove you found accommodation;

– Submit birth certificate and passport photos.

Residency by investment

Open a company in Seychelles and invest at least 1 million USD in the company.

How to obtain Seychelles citizenship

– by birth,

– by registration,

– by naturalization

Naturalization process

– legally reside for 15 years in Seychelles,

– pass the language test,

– no imprisonment of 1 year or more,

– get written permission for absences over one year.

National Identity Card

For individuals seeking to spend more than 3 months in the country

Visitor permit duration

Up to 3 months upon arrival

Advantages of immigrating to Seychelles

– residency programs,

– investment opportunities,

– tax benefits,

– cultural experience,

– employment benefits,

– affordable cost of living, etc.


Our immigration lawyers can help in obtaining the appropriate permits. If you are interested in more legal services we can also assist in opening a Seychelles offshore company.

Dependent residence permit – characteristics

Issued to a spouse or minor child of a Seychelles citizen, under certain conditions.

Requirement for permanent residence permit

Must live in the country as a legal resident for at least five years

Digital Nomad Visa availability (YES/NO)

YES, our immigration lawyers can provide details.

Authority that processes visa applications

Immigration and Civil Status Department

Dual citizenship allowed (YES/NO) YES
Residency by real estate investment (YES/NO)


Changing the residence permit type

Possible, if the individual meets the criteria for the required new permit.

Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO)


Citizenship under special circumstances

For individuals serving outstanding service to the country;

For individuals being exceptionally talented in science, arts, or sports;

For individuals making a great contribution to the country, etc.

Post-arrival steps

– present visa,

– register with immigration authorities,

– find accommodation,

– open a bank account, etc.

Taxation of foreign citizens

Progressive rates, based on monthly income

Assistance for employee relocation matters

Our team can ensure a successful transition for employees.

Renewing visas

It is possible to renew some visas in Seychelles, our team can help with more details.

Travel health insurance Mandatory before entering in Seychelles
Additional services provided by our team

– company formation,

– intellectual property,

– real estate,

– divorce procedures, etc.

Types of visas for Seychelles

Foreigners who want to relocate to Seychelles can apply for various types of visas which enable them to first visit the country and then decide for how long they want to live here and based on that obtain a residence permit.

Generally speaking, these are all the visas available for entering Seychelles:

  1. the tourist visa which can be used for visiting the country, but also for business reasons for stays of more than 30 days;
  2. the transit visa which is available for those traveling from one country to another with a stop in Seychelles;
  3. the work permit which is issued under specific conditions, where one of the most important is securing a job here;
  4. the residence permit which can be obtained through investment or by opening a business in Seychelles.

Not all persons entering Seychelles need visas, however, those who want to stay here for more than 30 days must apply for a tourist visa. For those seeking to live here for longer periods of time, a residence permit is required.

If you plan to immigrate to Seychelles and need assistance, you can rely on the services of our specialists who can help you choose the right type of residence permit.

Types of residence permits for immigration to Seychelles

Foreign citizens aiming to move to Seychelles and obtain residency here must know that there are several types of permits they can obtain. These are:

  • the gainful occupational permit;
  • the simple residence permit;
  • the dependent residence permit;
  • the permanent residence permit.

Each type of document comes with its own requirements.

You can also permanently immigrate to Seychelles if you meet specific requirements. These conditions include living in Seychelles as a legal resident for at least five years, being considered a priority worker, having exceptional abilities in science, arts, education, economics, business, law, or sports, holding a university degree (doctorate, master’s, or bachelor’s) in areas that will contribute to the country’s development, or having made a significant contribution to the development of Seychelles.

Should you require additional details regarding the process of immigrating to Seychelles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

If you are interested in setting up an offshore company in Seychelles, our local specialists are at your service.

The gainful occupational permit for Seychelles

Foreigners who want to work or be self-employed in Seychelles should consider applying for a gainful occupational permit. This type of document will enable them to work and live here.

The procedure for obtaining such a permit implies finding a suitable employer who will file for an approval certificate with the Ministry of Employment, and Social Affairs. Following that, the certificate will be submitted by the employer to the Immigration Office. The document must be filed no later than a week prior to the foreign employee starting to work.

The foreign national cannot migrate to Seychelles with the intention of working without obtaining a GOP.

 Note that if you plan to work in the Seychelles International Trade Zones, you will need a separate permit, through the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles. International Trade Zones in Seychelles are areas designated usually for import and export activities. Our specialists can offer more details about this type of work permit and how to move to Seychelles.

If the employee has a spouse and minor children, he/she can apply to have their names added to the International Trade Zones work permit as dependents. It’s important to know that foreigners cannot come to Seychelles as visitors and then seek employment in the International Trade Zone. The work permit must be obtained before entering the country for work purposes.

What should be noted by those who want to immigrate to Seychelles based on gainful occupational permits is that they first need to obtain these visas, and only after that they can enter the country.

How to obtain a residence permit in Seychelles

residence permit in Seychelles can be obtained by foreign persons who:

  • are not prohibited to enter the country;
  • have family members who already live here;
  • make a contribution to the Seychelles economy.

However, it should be noted that such a permit does allow the foreign citizen to work in Seychelles.

It is worth mentioning that once you obtain the residence permit and relocate to Seychelles, you must stay in the country for at least five days every year while the permit is valid.

You will also need to provide a bank guarantee of at least SCR 20,000 to the Chief Immigration Officer. This guarantee will cover any expenses the government may incur for your care, treatment, maintenance, or removal from Seychelles, including your dependents. You can contact us if you need to open a bank account in the country.

Immigration to Seychelles does not grant you free medical services or social security benefits under the Social Security Act 1987. Please contact our specialists for more details regarding this matter.

If you want to relocate to Seychelles based on a simple residence visa, you can rely on our local advisors.

We can also assist foreigners who want to acquire real estate here.

The dependent residence permit

Spouses and children of foreign citizens who live in Seychelles can move to the country by obtaining dependent passes. The Seychelles residence permit holder must file an application with the immigration authorities alongside various documents that indicate the relationship between the relatives.

If you want to come and live with a family member in Seychelles, you can ask for guidance from our lawyers who can help you.

Seychelles immigration requirements via marriage

Getting married to a Seychellois citizen or resident can make it easier for you to immigrate to Seychelles. If you have been married to a Seychellois citizen for at least five years, your marriage is still valid, and you have legally resided in the country for a total of at least 5 years, then you may be eligible for residency in Seychelles.

A person that has been married to a native for less than 5 years, but has one or more children and the marriage is not valid anymore, may still apply for a residence permit. Once you have lived in Seychelles for more than 5 years, you may then be considered for a permanent residence permit.

For more details about obtaining residency and citizenship via marriage, discuss with our immigration lawyers in Seychelles.

Student visa in Seychelles

A Student Visa in Seychelles permits a non-native person to temporarily migrate to Seychelles for the purpose of pursuing an educational program within the country.

The study visa allows individuals to reside and work with certain limitations. To qualify for the visa, applicants must provide an acceptance letter proving their enrollment in a full-time educational program at an accredited institution, demonstrate financial capacity to support themselves in Seychelles, pay the full course fees, arrange private medical insurance and provide supporting documentation, and demonstrate their intention to return to their home country after completing their studies.

After completing the studies, you may be able to apply for a work permit or a residence permit and permanently immigrate to Seychelles.

Persons interested in studying in the country can require the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Seychelles.

Investment options for immigrating to Seychelles

Seychelles welcomes foreign investors who want to contribute to the country’s economy which is why the authorities here have created a special program. Residency by investment is available for those who can:

  • invest at least 1 million USD in a domestic business with a legal seat in Seychelles;
  • invest at least 1 million USD in a company with operations in Seychelles;
  • citizenship can be obtained after living in the country for 11 years.

Obtaining Seychellois citizenship

If you want to permanently move to Seychelles and become an official citizen, you must respect the general requirements. These conditions, specified by the Immigration & Civil Status Department, are the following:

  • You must not be a prohibited immigrant;
  • If you leave the country, you must not stay away for more than a year without permission from the authorities;
  • You must not have been incarcerated for more than a year in prison;
  • You need to pass the citizenship test with more than 80 points.

Our immigration lawyers in Seychelles can help ensure you meet all these requirements and provide assistance with passing the exam.

In addition to these criteria, you can also apply for Seychellois citizenship through naturalization. This process can happen in the following scenarios:

  • You have been married to a Seychellois citizen for at least 10 years;
  • You have legally relocated to Seychelles for a continuous period of 5 years or more.

Naturalization also includes you respecting the general criteria mentioned above.

The National Identity Card

If you move to Seychelles, you must obtain a valid National Identity Card, which serves as proof of identity for official transactions. This card can be obtained by Seychellois citizens that live in the country for more than three months continuously.

Additionally, you can obtain the card if you are a foreign worker in the country. This applies to your listed dependents as well. These National Identity Cards are valid for the duration of the relevant permits.

Documents for obtaining the National Identity Card include: a birth certificate and registration or naturalization certificate. Foreigners also need to provide a passport and the relevant permit (such as a work permit or residency permit).

Our immigration lawyers in Seychelles can help foreigners obtain the National Identity Card in a convenient period.

Visitor permit in Seychelles

A visitor’s permit is given to people who come to Seychelles for holidays, business, visiting friends or family, and other similar purposes. However, it does not provide a pathway for permanent immigration to Seychelles.

The initial visitor’s permit is issued upon arrival and is valid for up to three months. It can be extended for additional periods of up to three months each, up to a maximum total stay of twelve months.

If you wish to immigrate to Seychelles, you can explore other solutions, such as obtaining a work permit, residence permit, or citizenship through the appropriate legal processes and requirements.

There are several reasons why someone may consider immigrating to Seychelles, especially considering these statistics:

  • In 2015, the total number of people who immigrated to Seychelles was 12,791;
  • Seychelles is known for its favorable tax policies, with no income tax or capital gains tax;
  • Seychelles has a stable economy with well-developed infrastructure and an attractive investment climate;
  • Seychelles offers a high quality of life with a good standard of living and a low crime rate.

For complete support, if you want to immigrate to Seychelles, please contact our local representatives who can also help you open a company here.

If you want to relocate here for the purpose of setting up a Seychelles offshore business, you can rely on our team for professional assistance on all the steps of registration. 

Our consultants will help you gather all the documentation necessary for the registration of the business and will also represent you during the formalities for setting up a corporate bank account. 

Our specialists can assist in setting up any type of company, the Seychelles IBC, a cryptocurrency business, a forex trading business, and any other types of business activities. 

You can also address us if you want to know what you must do in order to relocate with your close family members (spouse, children, or parents) and what are the conditions to fulfill in this case.