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Ship Registration in Seychelles

Ship Registration in Seychelles

Among the assets which can be held by those setting up offshore companies in Seychelles are also various types of vessels. Most of the times, foreign entrepreneurs find it easy to own yachts and other types of pleasure boats registered in Seychelles.

Ship registration in Seychelles is completed with the Registrar of Ships. Below, our local specialists explain the eligibility criteria for boat registration and the requirements to register a vessel in Seychelles.

We specialize in company formation in Seychelles, however, we can also help those who are interested in ship registration in this insular state.

Legislation on ship registration in Seychelles

Foreign investors or simple citizens can register their boats in Seychelles under the Merchant Shipping Act which was enabled in 1992. Seychelles is also member of various organization and has signed various international conventions, among which:

  • – the Collisions and Load Line Conventions;
  • – the Safety Convention;
  • – the Conventions of the International Maritime Organization.

Seychelles is also a member of the Commonwealth, the United Nations, the International Maritime Organization and the Indian Ocean Commission. These make Seychelles a very appealing country to open a company in the maritime sector and to register various types of vessels.

Our local advisors can offer more information on the international regulations related to ship registration in Seychelles. We can also assist those who want to set up an offshore company in Seychelles.

Who can register a ship in Seychelles?

There are several criteria base on which the Registrar of Ships in Seychelles allows vessel registration in in this country. These are:

  • – the registration can be completed by an individual who is a Seychelles citizen;
  • – offshore companies, onshore companies and special license companies registered in Seychelles can also register vessels here;
  • – the ship to be registered cannot be older than 15 years, however, certain exceptions apply;
  • – boats aged up to 25 years can be registered based on special documents filed with the Registrar.

Seychelles also accepts the registration of various types of boats recognized under international classifications issued by France, the UK, Japan, the USA, Germany and Canada.

Our company registration consultants in Seychelles can advise foreign citizens who want to set up companies here with the purpose of having their vessels registered under the Seychelles flag.

How to register a ship under the Seychelles flag

Those interested in ship registration in Seychelles can start the procedure even if the vessel is not in the country at that moment. This procedure is called provisional registration and can be completed with the Seychelles Embassy or Consulate abroad. Provisional ship registration has a 90-days validity which can be extended for another 90 days.

The permanent registration with the Ship Register in Seychelles can be completed after the provisional registration has expired. It is important to note that the documents required to provisional and permanent ship registration in Seychelles is different.

The documents required for Seychelles ship registration include:

  1. the application for registration of the vessel as a Seychelles ship, the official number and the call sign of the ship;
  2. the builder certificate which must contain the description of the vessel, the tonnage, the date and place of construction and the name of the owner;
  3. the certificate of deletion issued by the register in country where the vessel was previously registered;
  4. a declaration of ownership or the certificate of registration of the company wishing to register the vessel in Seychelles;
  5. a list with names for the ship to be registered under in Seychelles (a maximum number of 3 names is accepted);
  6. an application for a telecommunications/radio license with the licensing authority in the Seychelles Ministry for Information Technology and Communication.

The list of documents for provisional ship registration in Seychelles is usually more extensive than that for permanent registration. Companies seeking to have their ships registered here can ask for additional information from our Seychelles company formation agents.

Why register a ship in Seychelles?

Ship registration can attract substantial benefits just like the opening of an offshore company in Seychelles. Among these, we mention various tax exemptions for business licenses, work permits and salaries of officers on Seychelles ships operating in international waters. The same confidentiality rules apply to those registering ships in Seychelles, just like in the case of offshore companies.

If you are interested in registering in a vessel in Seychelles and need assistance, please contact us.