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Set up a Hedge Fund in Seychelles

Set up a Hedge Fund in Seychelles

Companies or private persons who own important assets may consider setting up hedge funds In Seychelles, an alternative investment tool available on the market. If you are a foreign investor interested in opening hedge funds or registering offshore companies, it is suggested to address all your questions to our specialists in company formation in Seychelles. Our team is at your disposal for complete support in this direction.

How hedge funds are regulated in Seychelles

Hedge funds represent significant investment methods which are related to short or long term strategies and are not that liquid as the mutual funds. The return potential is at high levels because the investor may use borrowed money to sell stocks and then buy them at lower costs. The Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act 2007 in Seychelles stands at the base of such investments in the insular state. Professional and retail customers may set up hedge funds in Seychelles under a minimum investment of $100,000 or the equivalent in a foreign currency, as preferred by the investor at the time of set up. It is good to know that Seychelles hedge funds can be administered in the state or in another accepted foreign jurisdiction, as stipulated by the Mutual and Hedge Fund Act 2007.

If you want to develop other investment tools for your company in Seychelles, or if you want to register your offshore in the insular state, you can talk to one of our local company incorporation agents in Seychelles.

You can rely on guidance from our lawyers in Seychelles if you need details on the legal requirements for setting up a fund.

Conditions to set up a hedge fund in Seychelles

To be eligible and respect the hedge funds conditions in Seychelles, one must bear in mind the following aspects:

•    cannot invest less than $100,000;

•    must register a manager for the hedge fund in Seychelles;

•    need to list on the stock exchange in a foreign recognized jurisdiction.

The appealing part for investors willing to develop their assets with the help of hedge funds is that there is no need for an investment services license in Seychelles

More details in this direction or about how offshore companies can be opened in Seychelles can be obtained on request from our company incorporation representatives in Seychelles. Please contact us for support.