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The services provided by CompanyFormationSeychelles.com were presented in numerous large, international business magazines. Below, we present you a part of the articles referring to our work: 

1. Seychelles, a country with low taxes

“Other top jurisdictions with low corporate taxes are Qatar, Bahamas, Yemen, Belarus, Mauritius and Seychelles. The latter is known at a global level as a top destination for offshore businesses; starting a business in Seychelles has the advantage that the legal entity does not require a share capital(…)” 

2. Why invest in an offshore jurisdiction

“Let’s take Seychelles, for instance: setting up an offshore company in Seychelles will definitely offer a good protection when it comes to the assets of the owner, if one chooses this business form. Investors can also decide to open onshore companies and complete activities just like in any other onshore jurisdiction.(…)”

3. Easy company formation process in Seychelles

“Opening a company in Seychelles, for example, is simple, however, this is not the only advantage. Investors will also benefit from a high degree of confidentiality related to the business they perform.(…)”.

4.  Seychelles, an attractive location for offshore companies

“Whether you want to relocate a company in an offshore destination, such as Seychelles, or you want to start a new business, it is recommended to talk to a legal advisor and find out more about the related aspects when relocating the business in another country.(…)”

5. Seychelles, a low-tax jurisdiction

“Lower taxes: moving a business to another jurisdiction can result in overall lower taxes mainly because of the local corporate income tax rate and the capital gains tax rate; a Seychelles IBC is a preferred business form for investors looking for a low-tax location.(…)”

6. Opening branches in Seychelles

“Even in offshore jurisdictions, such as Seychelles, branch offices can be set up under very advantageous conditions. For instance, foreign banks can set up branches in Seychelles and benefit from the advantageous legislation governing the financial industry.(…)”

7. Tax advantages for onshore and offshore companies in Seychelles

“As an example, one of the best jurisdictions for opening offshore companies is Seychelles. Setting up an offshore company in Seychelles attracts many tax benefits, however, there are also advantages when creating offshore and onshore companies.(…)’

8. Investing in the blockchain industry in Seychelles

“Have you heard about blockchain? If you haven’t, hopefully, you’re not too claustrophobic living under that rock. If you did, you probably know that it is a technology that drives cryptocurrency(…)”

9. The corporate tax in Seychelles

“For instance, in Seychelles, the corporate income tax ranges between 0% and 33% and there are varied investment incentives plus tax benefits for offshore companies.(…)”

10. The tax system in Seychelles

“The tax requirements differ from one jurisdiction to another and an important distinction is made in case of offshore locations. For example, the taxes in Seychelles are generally perceived as advantageous for companies(…)”